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The American Express Corporate Card programme brings custom solutions to companies of all sizes. Whether you are a mid-sized company or a multinational, the American Express Corporate Card programme offers a solution that's right for your company.
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The American Express Corporate Card provides an end-to-end expense management solution that simplifies Travel and Entertainment (T&E) expense management. Innovative features such as spending controls, managed cash access, and automated expense reporting can help you significantly reduce costs. Other features such as emergency services and our Membership Rewards programme provide your employees with an added level of security and convenience.

To learn more about what the Corporate Card can do for your company, click the links below.

Corporate Card Options

Card products and control options for you and your employees.

Management Information

Help manage spending, enforce policy, and identify cost-savings opportunities.

Cash Access

Offer your employees managed access to cash for travel emergencies and incidentals.

Account Servicing and Programme Administration

Leverage American Express resources and technology to achieve your programme objectives.

Billing and Payment

Implement billing and payment solutions that complement your accounting processes.

Cardmember Services

Receive unparalleled service that enhances employee security and convenience.

Liability Protection

Protect against unauthorised use of the Corporate Card.
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