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American Express ® Corporate Purchasing Solutions

The American Express Corporate Purchasing Solution brings custom solutions to companies of all sizes.
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Whether your procurement process is paper-based, highly automated, or somewhere in between, the American Express Corporate Purchasing Solution programme offers a solution that's right for your company.

Corporate Purchasing Solution Process

Reduce purchasing transaction costs by 75%1 through simple process improvement.


Streamline processes and create savings of up to 95%1.


An easy to implement web-based tool that helps automate the entire reconciliation process.

Management Information

Manage spending, support negotiation strategy, and satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

Supplier Management

Reduce supplier costs by up to 15%1 by implementing supplier management best practices.


Leverage American Express people and technology to achieve your programme objectives.

Spending Controls

Limit employee expenditures, leverage vendor relationships, and enforce policy.
1. The Purchasing Process and Automation Study 1999 American Express and Ernst & Young
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